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Stratus Surfaces specializes in wholesale distribution of high-grade natural stone, quartz, and porcelain slabs, and is owned and operated by local experts in Seattle and Austin. Come visit us or reach out to learn more about how Stratus can help with your next project.

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Peter Pental, Co-CEO
Peter joined Stratus Surfaces in March 2021 following a two-year hiatus from the stone and tile industry. With over two decades of experience, he has a keen eye for colors, designs, and trends, as well as a sharp sense of entrepreneurship and negotiation. His current expertise lies in the design and production of engineered stones, such as quartz and porcelain slabs.

Peter’s passion for stone and tile is on full display every time he enters a room, as he won’t hesitate to lecture family and friends on the make, quality, and origin of a specific stone in an airport, mall, or hotel. In his free time, Peter enjoys Peloton workouts, learning about wine with family and friends, and long walks with his dog.

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